The joys of playing golf on the beautiful island of Majorca.

Golf tourism is of major importance to the island” “Whatever you are looking for,you will be able to find it on Majorca.”

First Mallorca, the leading local real estate company is once again the principal sponsor of theMajorcaDaily Bulletin golf competition. Heidi Stadler, Chief Executive of the company

tells Bulletin editor Jason Moore about their recipe for success.

1. Jason Moore: First Mallorca, is one of the most successful companies on the island.What is your recipe for success?

Heidi Stadler: “Passion is the best ingredient for success!We all have not only a right but also a responsibility to be happy in our life.Our profession is part of it. I love what I am

doing and Robert Maunder who owns the company with me always shared the same passion with me/us. This was and is the motto of First Mallorca.”

2. Do you think golf, and Majorca’s golf course shave helped Majorca over the years?

“Clearly golf tourism is of major importance to the island. The golf courses have created an additional quality of life for foreigners and local inhabitants alike. It is a superbly

healthy and positive addition to the island.”

3. How would you define Majorca?

“Majorca is a heaven. Majorca is becoming a brand, and for me, stands for beauty of life.Majorca is an inspiration and an opportunity to enjoy life fully.Whatever you are

looking for, you will be able to find it. In my personal life Majorca is good energy, light and a sun rise full of opportunities every day …”

4. Majorca is continuing to evolve,how do you see Majorca in 20 years time?

“Majorca is a micro-cosmos. The key lies in a consolidated society with the necessary understanding between all nations enjoying this paradise. Tourism is of paramount importance for the island, so is real estate but the fact of the matter is to feel and continue to feel welcome. We should never forget to be a good host.”

5.Do you think thatMajorca is one of the most desired places on earth?

“I travelled for 11 years before settling down on the island. For me Majorca is special. The world has many magic places. Majorca certainly has many ingredients of this magic and

attracts therefore many people of different walks of life.Desire is a strong feeling and comes from a wish. When you are ready for paradise, you will find it.”

6.How is the real estate market at the moment?

“It seems the whole world wants a piece of paradise . So many nationalities are ready to invest in Majorca and conclude transactions,bringing prices partly to a higher level than

before the lean years after the demise of Lehman Brothers. Only positive news from us.”

7.Do you think that the majority of people who buy a home on the island are looking for sun and beach?

“Tourists are to be guided to open up to more than sun and beach as the majority seems to only look for these factors. Anyone who really wants to discover Majorca knows of course, that there is so much more to it! Palma is the best example for the new quality of life with so many fantastic new boutique hotels open now. Be it be walking, climbing, cycling or simply sitting in the sun in winter and philosophy -Majorca is the perfect setting for a soul to relax.”

8. And on a final note, would you like to learn to play golf?

“I would be fully in the hands of a patient, humorous and caring Pro! If I get the right CV, I start immediately jajaja…”

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